Here's how we train our clients to get paid on time, every time...

When we started Zindo, we didn't expect we'd be training client staff almost as often as we chased down payments. But in every client we've worked with, it hasn't just been a matter of cleaning up those unpaid invoices - we've instituted best practices that keep future bills paid on time.

With new rules in 2022 for collecting medical debt, it's only gotten more complicated for our medical clients.

Now we're sharing our method with you - as well as a special gift: one month, 10 invoices, no contract, no commitment.* Free to the first 100 to submit contact information below.

What you'll get:

  • Our best practices, honed from hundreds of clients and thousands of invoices paid
  • Tips on using text messaging properly to remind late customers
  • A guide to implementing paperwork upfront that enables prompt collection

...and if you act fast, that FREE month of Zindo.

*Our only restriction: we'll take care of any invoice under 90 days old within the free period.

Zindo It. Get Paid.

Let's get you paid. Let us know how to reach you and we'll send our FREE guide, "How to Train Your Customers to Pay You On Time."

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