Sometimes, there are patients who don’t pay their bills. It’s a risk that comes with the territory of running your own practice. But it shouldn’t have to be.

On average, dental practices lose 9% of their income due to collections, and this number grows larger with each year. (This number also directly results in about 17.5% decrease of employee pay!) That’s both unfair and worrisome. How can you commit to providing great oral health when you have debt collections to worry about? Whether it’s cosmetic repairs, cleaning, or orthodontics, you deserve every dollar for whatever service you provide to your patient. Zindo can help you get what you deserve.

Our team at Zindo also understands the nuances of dental billing, including insurance claims, payment plans, and the like. We can assist dental groups, private practices, and DSOs to navigate their delinquent accounts.

"Definitely a 5 star company! Since working with Zindo Solutions our company has experienced a lot of positive feedback. We are very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Zindo Solutions has given. We look forward to working with this company now, and in the near future!"

- Dawn Jolly

"Great service, with very prompt replies. Highly recommend."

- Jeremiah P, Property Management

"This is a great service for when you need expert collections help at a fair price. This is not the business you ever WANT to use, but this is the business you sometimes NEED to use...and when you need it, you need it!"

- Lamar R, Marketing Agency

"Excellent service and fair value. Low risk for the creditor and effective for us. Highly recommend!"

- Jason H, Marketing Agency

“Fast and efficient. They effectively got the point across to my former client that I mean business. What was really different is that there wasn't a massive delay, then a slow drop prompted by my “what are you doing” calls. They did it all, without need for reminders.”

- Lori A

Getting Paid Isn’t Easy

We know you’re compassionate about your customers, that’s why you extend them a line of credit. But what happens when those customers don’t pay up? Unpaid invoices negatively affects your ability to continue serving others. Don’t spend hours stressing over slow-paying accounts. Your energy and resources are better spent elsewhere. That’s where Zindo comes in. Think of us as your accounts receivable team.

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